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Build Vocabulary In A Foreign Language

Learning a new language is excellent. People learn a foreign language for many reasons, including to boost their career, to have an easy and fun time traveling, and others just do it for fun. They were bilingual sounds excellent. Anyone would want to be bilingual. What foreign language are you learning?

Building your vocabulary in a foreign language doesn’t have to be troublesome. The more you expand your vocabulary, your journey to becoming fluent in another language becomes smooth. Vocabulary is essential in providing the content of our communication. Thus when you grow your vocabulary, it becomes easier to have conversations and even make sense of a book, an article, or also follow a film.

According to experts, you need about 2,000 to 2,500 words to become relatively fluent in another language. With just a little strategy and tricks, you can build your vocabulary in a foreign language much faster. In this article, you’re going to discover tips on how to build vocabulary in a foreign language. So, read on to learn more.


To become fluent in a foreign language, you have set aside ample time to practice. Don’t try to fit in learning within your few moments. Instead, schedule time for it to train your brain to absorb new information, especially at that particular time that you’ve set aside. This is habit-forming, whereby your mind will always be ready to grasp further details. Therefore, create a practice schedule that will help you stay focused on learning the foreign language.

While practicing, don’t try to cram too many words all once because you could end up forgetting much more than you retain. Instead, study in frequent short bursts. Remember, learning a foreign language takes time.

Learn in context 

To build a vocabulary that’s more meaningful and more memorable, you need to learn in context. This means creating sentences using the words that you’ve learned. Also, you can visualize your learning by trying to make connections between the new terms and images that help you remember faster. Your vocabulary is only meaningful if you can correctly use it in a sentence.

Watch and listen

To learn a foreign language you must put in a lot of effort, but you can have fun along the way as well. You can improve your language skills by watching audiovisual material such as films in your target language with or without subtitles. This can reinforce the vocabulary you have previously learned, introduce new words and contexts, and improve your pronunciation skills. You can also listen to podcasts and music in your target language.

Read and write

When you come across a new word or phases, write them down and repeat them in a sentence to retain them. Say the words out loud, after checking their meaning and then use them to make a sentence.

Practice your foreign language with a native speaker

Finding someone with whom you can practice your foreign language is a great idea. Having conversations with a native speaker can significantly accelerate your learning, mainly because you will put into action what you’ve learned and even build confidence in your speaking. At the same time, you’ll new vocabulary from your partner.


Building vocabulary in a foreign language is essential to becoming fluent in your target language. While a lot of effort goes into learning, it can be fun as well. You need to practice every day, use new words or phrases to make sentences, and watch films in your target language.

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