Courses and Rates

A linguistic course developed for you

The instructors select the lesson material based on the objectives identified at the beginning of the course, ensuring that you learn to speak in a setting that reflects your real-world experiences.

The key to the method is to give you the confidence you need to speak a new language outside of class. It doesn’t matter what your level of knowledge is at the start of your course; after just a few weeks you’ll see immediate improvements.

Classes assess at a per-unit hour rate.

private Classes

$ 360
12 hours
  • Package: 16 weeks $1440
  • 12 hrs of Instruction: $360
  • One time registration Fee: $60
  • Placement Test $20

Semi - Private Classes

$ 216
12 hours
  • Package: 16 weeks $864
  • 12 hrs of Instruction: $216
  • anual Registration Fee: $60
  • Placement Test $20

Group Classes

$ 150
12 hours
  • Package: 16 weeks $600
  • 12 hrs of Instruction: $150
  • anual Time Registration Fee: $60
  • Placement Test $20

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Grow with us

Ugarit offers effective premium language training, for children, teenagers, and adults, as well as language, intercultural, and business solutions for corporate clients.


Identify and accomplish your learning goals
Our learning process is a quality control approach that ensures the consistent application of our method. Needs are evaluated from the beginning in order to place students in the right level, feedback and advice are given and teaching is adapted to their style and pace.